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Roof cleaning/Exterior house washing


Never let someone “Power wash” your home or roof using high pressure! Using high pressure on your homes exterior can cause serious damage and at the same time not clean as effectively as using the softwashing technique. Using a pressure washer at close range can inject water into cracks dislodging stucco, cause future mold and mildew problems in between the the walls, damage shingles & deglaze roof tiles. Powerwashing mildew, mold and algae is only offers a brief, temporary appearance of a clean surface. It will come back WORSE within a year in most cases and here is the reason why..

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Stucco, concrete, roof shingles and tile is porous and has thousands of places where the mildew, mold, algae and fungus has made its home and has rooted into. Pressure washing only removes the top layer of what is visible and actually pushes the spores and mildew further into the surface without actually killing it. Essentially you are only helping “reseed” and redistribute what you are trying to remove. It in turn comes back more aggressively and stubborn.

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Softwashing on the other hand uses an algaecide and surfactant that effectively kills the mold, then biodegrades into a small amount of sodium within a few days. It is applied and rinsed off in one of two ways depending on the situation. First is a tool called an m-jet. It turns a commercial pressure washer into a low pressure application and rinsing tool. The second method is to use an air driven low pressure high volume pump. Softwashing is fast becoming the best way to safely and effectively clean the exterior of your home. In some cases a roof cleaning and house wash combined, can effectively add between 5% and 10% to the value of your home on curb appeal alone! If your trying to sell a home this is something to consider.

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